Awning Pole (Short) Storage Bag

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Product Description

Hardwearing Awning Pole Storage Bag. Available in Green, Blue and Burgundy colours the only Fabric used for this bag is our Heavyweight Type (See our Fabric Section for more details).

Dimensions for this bag are- 90cm long, diameter is 25 cm.

This ‘Pole Storage Bag’ provides superb protection for your Awning poles.

Now with Cordlock toggle available as an option.

For the longer version of this bag see “Awning Pole Storage Bag”

Heavy Duty Material

This 600 dernier (twice the strength of 300d) fabric is a tough strong & rip resistant fabric.
It is ‘Polyester’ based with a fully waterproof backing.
The outer is treated to make it stain resistant.
Bags and covers in this fabric offer the ultimate in storage protection.

Standard Duty

This superb fabric provides for a good compromise, being lightweight yet reasonably strong, whilst still offering fabulous storage protection.
It is ‘Nylon’ based with a fully waterproof backing.
This fabric has a smooth finish.

Padded Bag Materials

For our padded bags, we use 3 layers of material.
Outer material – Heavy Duty.
Middle material -10 or 20mm padded insulating foam (thickness depends upon product).
Inner material – Standard Duty.
This ensures a high level of protection for the internal items whilst reducing the risk of scratching and no fluffly liners to cause a “lint” fluff problem.

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Blue, Burgundy, Green


Heavy Duty


None, With Cordlock