PADDED TV Bag Large Sizes available for your 27″-80″ TV

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Product Description

MADE TO MEASURE PADDED TV BAG to fit your LCD, LED or Plasma Television.

These Bespoke Plasma led big screen TV Padded Bags provide you with a solution for transporting your Television.

Will also reduce the risk of condensation forming when moving the television from a cold environment to a warm one due to thge insulating effect of our foam padding (available in 10mm or 20mm foam thickness)

We have been making this style of Padded TV Bag for more than a Decade with excellent feedback from Audio Visiual Companies, who use them everyday!

The Padded TV Bag will enable your TV or monitor to be transported more safely.

If you have an exhibition to attend, don’t take a risk, get your TV protected with a Made to measure Television Bag.

The prices applies for the actual Max width of your LCD LED or Plasma TV width.

Select the correct priceband to order your bag by the overall width of your TV.

Upto 27″ wide (made to measure)
Upto 32″ wide (made to measure)
Upto 37″ wide (made to measure)
Upto 42″ wide (made to measure)
Upto 46″ wide (made to measure)
Upto 50″ wide (made to measure)
Upto 55″ wide (made to measure)
56″ – 80″ wide (made to measure)

We have alternative handle arrangements available for the larger Televisions to enable 1 or 2 person carrying.

Top Quality Padded Flatscreen LCD LED or Plasma TV Bag made to measure for Large TV’s.

Unlike most Padded Flatscreen lcd led tv bags, this Padded Flatscreen tv bag incorpoates a SOLID SCREEN PROTECTOR, which will help protect the lcd or plasma tv screen against impact whilst being stored.
The tv bags are also fully padded with high quality insulating foam to reduce the condensation effect when moving your Flatscreen lcd tv from a cold environment to a warm one!

There is an integral pocket to store the tv remote and most tv power adapters.

Because there are so many different sizes of Flatscreen tv’s we have decided to manufacture every Padded Flatscreen lcd / led bag as a MADE TO MEASURE padded bag for your specific lcd / led / plasma tv!

We will contact you after your order has been placed in order to discuss the tv measurements we require.

Where the base is deeper than the lcd tv screen top, we will taper the bag to contain the lcd tv more securely with a better fit, however if you have a larger tv then please consider whether it is better to remove the stand anyway before using a padded tv bag (see below).
Because we will make your bag to fit your actual led /lcd / plasma TV we are confident that the Bags2cover ‘Padded Flatscreen Lcd TV bag’ will be the best storage solution for your lcd TV.

As mentioned above, we can make these bags to allow for the base stand to be left attached to the plasma or led TV, however on larger Tv’s (>42″) or where the stand isn’t sturdy it is probably better to remove the stand and make the bag the same depth from top to bottom. We will, however, make the padded bag in accordance with your requirements.
Please do not hesitate to give us a call if you have any questions or would like to talk through your Plasma / LED TV Bag requirements.

Our bespoke tv storage bags are available in many different sizes, see our TV Bag section for the different price band options.

Now available with optional “Double Thickness” Foam – 20mm per side instead of 10mm.

Heavy Duty Material

This 600 dernier (twice the strength of 300d) fabric is a tough strong & rip resistant fabric.
It is ‘Polyester’ based with a fully waterproof backing.
The outer is treated to make it stain resistant.
Bags and covers in this fabric offer the ultimate in storage protection.

Standard Duty

This superb fabric provides for a good compromise, being lightweight yet reasonably strong, whilst still offering fabulous storage protection.
It is ‘Nylon’ based with a fully waterproof backing.
This fabric has a smooth finish.

Padded Bag Materials

For our padded bags, we use 3 layers of material.
Outer material – Heavy Duty.
Middle material -10 or 20mm padded insulating foam (thickness depends upon product).
Inner material – Standard Duty.
This ensures a high level of protection for the internal items whilst reducing the risk of scratching and no fluffly liners to cause a “lint” fluff problem.

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Black, Burgundy, Green, Grey, Navy Blue, Red, Royal Blue


27" Heavy Duty Padded, 32" Heavy Duty Padded, 37" Heavy Duty Padded, 42" Heavy Duty Padded, 46" Heavy Duty Padded, 50" Heavy Duty Padded, 55" Heavy Duty Padded, 56" – 80" Heavy Duty Padded

Foam Thickness

Extra Thick 20mm, Standard 10mm